Many people compare sex with sports. From a medical point of view, they are 100% right. The number of calories a person burns during sexual intercourse comprises 100-200 kcal. But if you set a goal, you could easily increase this figure. Here are a few simple and very pleasant ways.

1. Kiss!

Kissing burns from one to five calories a minute. It all depends on you; the more passion is in your kiss, the more calories you could burn. Hot kisses and hugs help to get rid of as much as 85 calories per hour.About sex and calories

2. Undress!

Undressing burns from 8 to 10 calories. Take a little effort and creativity in striptease and you would burn 30 calories per hour. German scientists have discovered that a man taking off a bra using his teeth, burns up to 80 calories. Don’t rush and make the undressing part your favorite game and exercise.

3. Cherish!

When it comes to foreplay and the time you spend on pleasingeach other, there are no restrictions. A person burns about 25 calories for every 25 minutes of foreplay. Double the time, and burn the same amount of calories as a 10 minutes run. Be active during foreplay, and kill two birds with one stone!

4. Massage!

How often do you here from your partner the phrase - "massage my back, please?" Believe me, there is a strong reason not to refuse in pleasing your partner. Massage burns about 80 calories per hour. Massaging each other, you will both get an excitement as well as benefits to the body.

5. Dance!

About sex and calories

A little "dirty dancing" and "strip-dance" could be an excellent exercise. The more seductive movements you make, the more effectively you burn calories. In addition, studies have shown that women get easily excited from dancing. Expressive dancing can burn up to 170 calories per half an hour.

And the most important thing. If you want to complete the process successfully - experience orgasm. Reaching climax would burn extra 60 - 100 calories.

And do remember, the more passion and time you spent on sexual pleasure, the more emotional, your love game and the healthier you are!