In regards to sex, quantity and quality play an important role and that is why a considerable amount of attention is placed upon this topic. But no more less important than WHERE! Sensations that we experience through sexual contact on a soft bed, certainly, will vary from, say, sex in nature or in the car.

Nature could be among one of the most exotic places for sex. Some may be tempted to escape to the other side of the planet and dip into a field of wild flowers at sunset, side by side with your darling. And The best places for sexlife seems so beautiful. Nature enriches us, rising special sentiment of sexual desire. It could be easily explained by the expanse and freedom of action. We fuse with nature and are able to display our feelings openly. Fresh air restores strength and sometimes we are capable of sexual deeds, unusual for us under normal conditions. Fans of prolonged sex should make a note of this.

But under normal circumstances, when your creativity is turned on, there is no problem getting rid of banal sex. Some tips: have sex at places, where you’ve got caught up with desire and freshness of sensations is guaranteed. Do not worry if it’s comfortable or not, just follow your feelings, whatever under you –a table, washing machine or a windowsill.

You can get thrill and incomparable experience with some harsh taste of exotic, having sex at a public place or in a car. Extreme Sex, of course, for an amateur, but why not?