We all realize that the culmination of "good" sex is an orgasm of both partners. But every man dreams of turning usual sex into "magnificent" one ... When you feel each other by every cell of your body, and the power of desire fills all your spirits with an incredible passion, turning you on.... Sex as a mosaic. Every detail, every tiny thing can make the difference. Many of these details seem too simple to be considered innovative or even pass by our consciousness. We are ready to discover several components of magnificent sex through the eyes of men.

So, males like if a woman…

Great sex through the eyes of men

…is open, willing to experiment, fully feels her partner and is not afraid to improvise. Takes note of this fact, especially if you have long lasting relations. The novelty of sensations will cause a storm of emotions and give a new breath to your relationship.

…Allows a man to catch herself off guard when she is "not ready", but incredibly sexy. Men perceive the "incompleteness" of the image as a sign of confidence. Don’t be afraid of looking vulnerable, so that you are a hundred times more desirable.

…is keeping eyes contact with her partner when making love. Passions reflected in each other's eyes, only enhances the desire. You will be astonished by such a high intimacy that you might experience with your partner.

…Don’t mind "quick sex". The crazy rhythm of our lifestyle makes spontaneous sex more incredible and passionate. It is also extremely good with its excitement, when all formalities recede into the background, and the clothing is dropped on the floor, alongside uncertainty. Only feelings and the process captures your attention. And it sounds exciting, does it not?